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  • JET TONE MOUTHPIECES INCREASE YOUR RANGE-Not Recommended for all Around but Great for your Range
  • 10D: Medium size cup good for symphonic band or jazz band section player. Original model no. 8B.
  • 10M: Very bright tonal quality. Good for the occasional player. Original model no. 6B.
  • 10MD: A little more open than the 10M. Bright, but with a rich mid-range. Original model no. 7C.
  • 10S: Easy blowing with a crisp, quick response. The shallow "V" cup is recommended for players with thin lips. Original model no. 5A.
  • 1D: Orchestral mouthpiece with more resistance requiring a strong embouchure. Recommended for C trumpets. Original model no. T-3B.
  • 1M: Big, rich sound for strong soloist. Rim has a well-defined inner edge. Original model no. T-2B.
  • 1S: Powerful, open sound with quick response. Consistent through entire register. Original model no. T-1A.
  • 7D: For the strong player, a big, rich sound appropriate for studio or orchestral section players. Original model no. 4C.
  • 7M: Rich, brilliant very flexible sound. Excellent for studio or big band lead player. Original model no. 2B.
  • 7MD: Bigger sound with slightly more resistance than 7M. Comfortable, rounded rim makes this a good mouthpiece for the aspiring young player. Original model no. 3C.
  • 7S: Semi-brilliant sound with semi-flat rim for good articulation. Ideal for Piccolo Trumpet. Original model no. 1A.
  • DS: Vibrant, open very flexible sound. Ideal for jazz soloist. Original model no. DS. B rim.
  • SS: Perfect lead trumpet mouthpiece. Brilliant with a clear, sharp attack. Original model no. Dave Stahl. D rim

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